3 Key Ways CRM
Saves You Time

As a small business owner, time is precious, and something that you don’t have a lot of! If you’re not convinced that CRM solutions will make your life easier already, then keep reading to let us convince you.  There are plenty of customer relationship management systems out there and if you’re not too sure about how CRM can serve your business there are inexpensive (or even free!) systems that you can try out before you commit.  However, it’s no secret that your return on investment on a CRM solution will definitely benefit your business. 

CRM solutions allow you to “set & forget,” meaning you can establish sequences and triggers that are customized to nurture and follow up with your leads.  Templates of messages for both text and email can be created and customized so you don’t have to rewrite the same thing to every client.  These message templates will then be automatically sent to your contacts according to your sequences.  Templates, triggers, and sequences standardize your messages and save you from repetitive tasks.  You don’t have to do anything else but check in on your flows and customer responses to make sure everything runs smoothly.

CRM solutions offer time-saving organizational features.  The best CRMs will have a user-intuitive dashboard that presents all the information you need to assess how your pipeline is progressing towards its goals.  Utilizing tools like opportunity reporting, lead tracking, and workflow summaries you and your team can easily create reports to analyze your data and insights.  

Task management is also a key organizational aspect of CRM software.  Designate team members to leads and assignments with concrete due dates using task lists. This ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.  

Streamlined Communication
Some clients may preferred text communication, others may prefer email, still others might want a phone call.  You may have one lead’s phone number, but not their email or vice versa.  CRM efficiently merges all of these channels of communication into one feed making it easy to view all customer interactions.   

Compare top CRMs to find the best solution for you!

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