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Rating: 9/10

Coming in at #1, aNinja will give you the biggest return on your CRM investment. aNinja is an all-in-one software and mobile application that includes multiple channels of communication, unlimited leads, customizable dashboards, automated operations, personalized chatbots, and more!
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Rating: 7.8/10

Zoho’s interface is very customizable, and you can even build your own version of Zoho CRM, however for many small businesses the initial set up may be burdensome. Pricing is based per user, so costs can add up if you have a bigger team.
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Rating: 7.5/10

HubSpot offers a lot of key features that will help manage your pipeline and stay organized, but the flexibility and functionality of the software are limited. The more features you want access to, the higher premium you’ll have to pay.
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Rating: 6.9/10

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation tool with unlimited sending and marketing automation available with any plan. However, price points increase with more contacts, and there is a limit to how many users have access.
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Rating: 6.5/10

Despite no live chat feature and difficulty separating leads from contacts, the form customization and pipeline management tools enable you to plan sales activities and monitor deals.
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Rating: 6.4/10

With an easy to use platform and mobile app, if you’re looking for SMS and MMS message marketing, Skipio is for you. However, you’ll have to find different platforms for other communication channels and CRM.
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Rating: 6/10

ClickSend allows you to send bulk marketing communications to clients. You only have to pay for what you use with ClickSend, but you’ll have to set aside some extra cash to invest in a CRM database to integrate with.
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Rating: 5.8/10

As a conversational marketing platform Drift is great for increasing lead generation, but you'll need to budget for a more holistic CRM integration in addition to Drift to get the most out of your prospect mining.
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Rating: 5.6/10

Intercom offers a high quality messaging platform to communicate with leads and customers. However, they do not offer any CRM database meaning you’ll have to purchase additional software.
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Rating: 5.5/10

With lead scoring and website visitor tracking, Keap helps organize your customer information in one place. However, Keap has a high price point, difficult interface and lack of sales forecasting and live chat.
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