How CRM Solutions Utilize
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) influences our worlds in ways we may not even realize.  From obvious examples such as virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Siri to things that may seem more distant like self-driving cars, AI is improving and learning at a rapid pace.  Businesses are benefiting from the increasing knowledge of AI, especially with CRMs.  

CRM solutions utilize AI to create customizable chatbots to converse with potential customers and clients.  Websites that feature chatbots provide an immediate response to customers when they have questions or need assistance.   

Chatbots can also easily collect lead details such as name, email, phone numbers, and more.  Plus, information collected by chatbots will be sent directly to your CRM database to ensure that all your lead and contact details are in one place and organized effectively.  This allows your sales team access to new leads in real-time.  

More and more businesses are choosing to replace the contact forms on their websites with chatbots due to their friendly, conversational manner.  Customers are more likely to engage with chatbots because they know they will get a quick response.  Talking to chatbots feels natural and with the ability to customize chatbots you can program yours to respond just as live customer support representatives would respond to customers.  This way chatbots can reflect your brand and the tone of your company.  

The best part about chatbots is that they are always online, even when you’re not, guaranteeing your clients 24/7 support.  Upgrade your website by embedding a chatbot ASAP.  If your CRM doesn’t come with a chatbot feature, find one that does!  AI-powered chatbots will generate more leads, manage customer interactions, keep your lead and contact information organized and streamlined, and most importantly, save you time! Check out our reviews to see which of our top-rated CRM solutions for small businesses offer chatbot technology that will elevate your sales and marketing strategy.  

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