What is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management and that’s exactly what it does.  CRM solutions help you organize your communications with current or potential customers.  From generating new leads to retaining existing customers and ensuring satisfaction, through automated communication channels CRM can help your business boost sales and reach your goals. 

CRM solutions often offer a range of features, including but not limited to text and email marketing, contact management, and dashboards to track your pipeline and business operations.  Data and reporting visualize areas of strength and areas where improvements may be needed for you and your team.  Features like these allow you to automate mundane tasks and reduce human error, helping you stay better organized and focus on more pressing responsibilities.  Especially if you own a small business, you know that there is too much to do to be a full-time salesperson.  

CRM solutions help you qualify leads quickly and easily, identifying and categorizing them accordingly.  By appropriately identifying qualified leads your sales team can better prioritize opportunities that will close deals, while your marketing team is able to nurture leads that may need more convincing.  With all your lead information in one platform, your team can divide and conquer, focusing their attention on the proper clients.

With a CRM solution, your business can offer fast, personalized customer support at any time of day, even if you’re not on the clock.  CRM software acts as a data management system, effectively storing information about previous interactions with clients, the product or service that they’ve purchased, and other relevant information.  This allows your whole team to have access to all the necessary background knowledge to answer your clients’ questions or concerns.  

CRM subscriptions are typically paid monthly or annually and offer a high return on investment.  As a project management tool, CRM solutions are a cost-effective way to generate more leads, opportunities, and revenue, and increase productivity, all while improving the customer experience. 

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