aNinja vs. Zoho

Need to decide what CRM is best for your small business? We’re breaking down our top 2 choices, aNinja and Zoho, so you can find out which option will close you the most deals at the best rate. aNinja, with an overall score of 9/10 is a CRM built for small businesses.  Zoho, with an overall score of 7.8/10, serves businesses of many sizes.

Let’s get into it, seed no. 1 facing seed no. 2 😎 

CRM Comparisons

Both CRMs have a customizable interface and over a variety of services. In terms of services, both CRMs offer chatbots, comprehensive reporting, email/text automation and so much more! With either choice, you have access to lead generation information and analytics to ensure that your efforts are on the right track. What pushes aNinja to the top is the support their company provides their customers. Before purchasing aNinja, an aNinja specialist will give you a live demo to ensure you know how to use all of the features. Zoho offers a variety of pre-recorded videos which can be nice to rewatch, but they’re team is harder to get a hold of when you have a pressing question. 


What’s great about either option is that both companies offer a mobile app, allowing  you to check in with leads on the go. aNinja’s app is constantly improving with every phone software update, and is compatible with iOS and Android. Zoho’s app is compatible with iOS and Android as well, but it has had synchronization issues raising reliability concerns. Because of this, aNinja ranks higher. 

CRM Pricing

CRM Pricing is where aNinja solidifies its lead over Zoho. aNinja offers a variety of payment level options and a 7-day free trial. Zoho, on the other hand, has starting rates higher than aNinja and requires their customers to pay by user, so if you have a large team you may be looking at a hefty bill. In particular, Zoho’s pricing can quickly become too much for a small business that can’t devote a large budget to marketing.

Compare top CRMs to find the best solution for you!

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