Hubspot vs aNinja

Can’t decide which CRM is the best for you? We’re here to help. Compare-CRM breaks down the difference between various softwares to help you  make the best choice. In this series, we’re comparing HubSpot, which we have ranked as the 3rd best CRM for Small Businesses, to aNinja, the #1 CRM for small businesses. 

In this post we’re going to compare aNinja and HubSpot, two Boston based companies who have set out to transform the CRM game. 

What’s Best for a Small Business?

aNinja and HubSpot both offer a variety of effective features for their clients. Such as live chat features, automated communication, and lead generation tools. 

The drawback to HubSpot is that users have to pay higher prices in order to access the entirety of HubSpot’s features. Their rates go up as high as $3,200 per month. This puts small business owners at a disadvantage, because research has proven that a combination of marketing efforts on various platforms is most effective in generating business. Paying high rates to utilize their best services, is often too much of an ask for with a small business’s budget. 

aNinja luckily offers their vast services without jacking up the price. A downside is definitely that aNinja doesn’t have a free option, only the bonus of a 7 day free trial when you sign up. However, when weighing the options, aNinja is going to give small businesses the best services in exchange for their rate. 


One of the ultimate factors in picking a CRM is if it’s users are able to navigate it. When we look at small businesses, we consider that they probably don’t have a stacked team of tech savvy marketers ready to tackle the newest marketing strategies. When you sign up with aNinja, a specialist walks you through a live demo to ensure you’ll be able to navigate the system with ease. HubSpot, on the other hand, can be overwhelming unless you’re a tech wiz. Luckily they offer online resources, but for this reason, aNinja beats them in the race to being the top CRM.

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